Kerkennah Plastic Free

Organisation : ABYSSE PLONGEE

Name of the project : Kerkennah Plastic Free

Country : Island of Romadia (Archipel de Kerkennah) – Tunisie


Descriptif du projet :
The massive use of single-use plastic in the daily life of Kerkennians and in fishing activities, to the detriment of traditional techniques that used natural materials, has led to a worrying production of plastic waste on the archipelago. The lack of an efficient collection system for this waste, the absence of a functional controlled landfill and the absence of any local channel for the recovery of this plastic waste, partly linked to the insufficient human and financial resources of the local authorities, are at the origin of a massive dispersion of this plastic waste in the terrestrial and marine environments of the archipelago. In this context, plastic waste has become omnipresent, threatening marine biodiversity and disfiguring the natural landscapes that constitute the main intangible capital of the tourism sector in
Kerkennah. Within the framework of the project, we will implement several measures (clean-up campaigns, awareness-raising, support to the authorities, collaboration with the socio-economic fabric in order to manage this environmental crisis situation…)