Kneiss Islands for a better preservation of marine biodiversity

Organisation : Association of the Continuity of Generations

Name of the project : Kneiss Islands for a better preservation of marine biodiversity

Country : Keniss Islands – Delegation ghraiba-sfax-tunisia


Descriptif du projet :

The ACG co-manager of the AMCP kneiss with the APAL, the Med Fund and within the framework of funding and support by the CEPF, started the immersion experiment of 87 artificial reefs in oued eddam all around the kneiss islands with an innovative approach that was designed by the gathering of reefs in blocks of three with fins. There is still a need for a number of artificial reefs to cover the length of wadi. In this project we propose to cover the remaining section of Wadi eddam by a number of reefs to strengthen the fight against illegal fishing and therefore participate in a better preservation of biodiversity in this area. Indeed, to achieve this objective, dialogue workshops and presentation of the richness of the marine biodiversity of the Kneiss Islands with the involvement of fishermen and all stakeholders, Dialogue on risks and identification of types of illegal fishing in the area and a workshop to popularize and listen to fishermen to know their know-how. Then, a workshop to identify the means of combating illegal fishing adapted to the island and to consult on the establishment of 13 artificial reefs. Finally, we use the design and immersion of artificial reefs with fins for restocking and scuba diving operations for monitoring that will be carried out in synergy with ongoing projects in the short and medium term. A video will be produced and communicated following this initiative.