Potabilization of water from the natural springs of Galite

Organisation : Méditerranée Action Nature

Name of the project : Potabilization of water from the natural springs of Galite


Country : La Galite – Tunisia


Description of the project :

The island of Galite is an AMCP of great interest for Tunisia; a site classified ASPIM with a unique faunistic and floristic richness, a rich culture, historical and archaeological unequivocal, and natural landscapes terrestrial and underwater breathtaking. However, the island of Galite has relatively inaccessible surface water resources. Our project consists of the restoration and securing of accessible water points on Galite (water tank near the co-management team’s premises, well at the top of the village + 1 or 2 springs around the village). Thus, this project will have a direct impact on the living and working conditions of the site management team, as the lack of water is a real problem on site. Indeed, the recovery of these water points will allow the management team to reduce its consumption of plastic bottles by limiting these purchases to the sole use of human consumption (water for drinking and preparing food). Finally, the provision of water from the reservoir and the restored springs can be followed by the purchase and installation of a small removable pumping device (removable pump running on solar panels) and a water purifier in order to make this water clean for human consumption, and to further reduce the use of plastic bottles, if not the definitive cessation of the use of these bottles by the management team working at La Galite.