Rainwater collection and recovery in Zembra

Organisation : Association for the Protection of the Ecological and Natural Heritage of Cap Bon (ASPEN)

Name of the project : Rainwater collection and recovery in Zembra

Country :Island of Zembra – Tunisie


Description of the project :
The Zembra archipelago represents a hotspot for several scientific researchers and experts, who, in order to spend days on this site to work, have to camp as the existing buildings are no longer habitable and no longer have electricity and water since they were abandoned in the 1970s. The co-management unit for this site was created in February 2021 and is composed of the Coastal Protection and Management Agency and ASPEN.
In order to improve the living conditions of the latter, experts, scientific researchers and volunteers during the implementation of field missions on the site, the co-management unit is planning to set up a reception area in order to carry out management and scientific research work in the field.
To this end, and in order to ensure the complementarity of this project, we are planning to reorganise the rainwater collection system of the premises to be fitted out, by means of
– Cleaning the roof of the building
Reinstallation of rainwater downpipes
– Connecting the rainwater pipes to the impluvium
– Maintenance of the impluvium (cleaning, repair of cracks, ..)
– Construction of a metal access cover for the impluvium
– Purchase and installation of a solar water pump (automatic and photovoltaic)
– Design of a niche with metal door for the water pump
– Installation of a tap near the impluvium and connection of the existing water rooms