Sustainable and Resilient Development of Island Communities

Organisation : Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF)

Name of the project : Sustainable and Resilient Development of Island Communities


Country : Vio Island – Fiji


Description of the project :

The deepening of knowledge and the disseminating of concepts, principles and practical applications of sustainable development and its use by local government officials and traditional/ community leaders/committees and members of communities will improve sustainability and resilience building efforts. Members of communities must be empowered in particular women and vulnerable groups in the decisionmaking process on the use of natural resources and the implementation of Sustainable development initiatives through capacity building for these groups. The project will address this through :

1. Restoration of Mangroves and the use of traditional local technology such as bamboo barrier to contribute to rewilding and conservation efforts of the surrounding areas of the island. The community project will see 3000 mangrove seedlings planted with 400 meters of temporary bamboo barrier installed to ensure 90% survival of seedlings.

2. The community will undergo training and also participate in the planting program through the engagement of the village advisory council. A cooperative will be established to ensure the sustainability of this initiative post project.

3. The women’s group will undergo financial literacy and cooperative training for the establishment of MSME and the supply of a solar freezer to support their fishing business for storage. In the community consultation in December 2021, they identified a need for freezers to preserve their catch and sell them at a competitive price