The History of Water

Organisation : The Mitato of Amorgos

Name of the project : The History of Water

Country : Amorgos– Greece


Description of the project :

“The History of Water” aims at restoring and improving water tank and its surrounding area in one of the four natural springs in the area of Langada, Amorgos. Traditionally, locals used water from these springs and in the 1950s, a network supplying the entire village of Langada was constructed. The network was neglected and finally abandoned in the late 1970s, when other, unsustainable ways of sourcing water were introduced. Since then, the challenges imposed by climate change and the rise of tourism have led to redefining the way we use water and how we can avoid wasting it. Furthermore, a turn to the wise, traditional water management systems is increasingly widespread, including the restoration of terraces, the turn to wells, cisterns and springs, as well as awareness campaigns. The project includes two practical axes: – The restoration of the water tank, including the construction of a new roof, waterproofing and installation of a faucet and piping for future connection to a water supply network. – The restoration of the surrounding area of the tank and adjacent supplying natural spring, in order to ensure the proper function of the tank, by protecting it from the erosion of the surrounding soil. The project will be completed with educational visits by the local schools, as well as seminars and lectures open to the public, in an effort to raise awareness on sustainable water practices. Local producers will also be benefitted to this water source.