Promoting sustainable ecotourism around Mogador Island

Organisation : Groupe de recherche pour la protection des Oiseaux au Maroc
Name of the project : Promoting sustainable ecotourism around Mogador Island

Country : Mogador Islands – Morocco

Project description

Today, few tourists are interested in the natural assets of the city of Essaouira and even the informed are confronted with the prohibition to visit the Archipelago. With this project we want to test a new tourism product based on nature by converting a fishing boat into a tourist boat that will allow tourists to visit the archipelago and observe the island with its historical monuments and its natural heritage, in particular the Eleonora Falcon. We hope that through this action, supporting local fishermen to develop sustainable nature tourism will arouse the interest of fishermen and encourage them to integrate into the conservation approach as partners.
From the start of the project, an awareness-raising and training workshop for fishermen was organised and a meeting to discuss the development of the boat tour activity around the island was held in the presence of the provincial tourism council and the local authorities.
Once the authorisations are obtained, the boat is rehabilitated and equipped with the necessary material for safety and bird watching (life jackets, first aid kit, binoculars, bird guide,…).
In order to test this formula and to communicate on this new tourist product, a “Discovery Visit” will be organised, inviting also tourist operators and journalists.