Organisation : NISYRIO

Name of the project : THE SPONGE PROJECT

Pays : NISYROS– Greece


Descriptif du projet :

The SPONGE PROJECT is about reviving the marine habitat of Nisyros coast line by installing living sponges as well as the creation of an artificial reef. In November 2021, we sucrificed a sponge that was already on metal, we split it into pieces in the water and we tied up these pieces in other existing metals in the area. Our intention was to understand if it would be possible to revive a marine habitat that has been destroyed by human activities and excessive fishing. We returned early April 2022 to discover that the sponges are still alive. In collaboartion with a Marine Biologist of the University of the Aegean and an Environmentalist, we aspire to develop practically this artificial reef by creating as natural as possible the support needed and record the process scientifically in order to work as a practise/method for other areas of Greece and abroad. NISYRIO team along with the scientific team will work in two meetings; an extensive one in September (three weeks) where a public program will take place to inform and share knowledge on marine habitat and the spieces that are under extinction, while during the second one (one week) the collaborating scientists will present the scientic analysis of the project and engage the local society to install the necessary equipment in order to protect the area from fishing and other human activities.