Under the Landscape

Organisation : BOULOUKI – Itinerant workshop on traditional building techniques

Name of the project : Under the Landscape

Country :Santorini and Therasia – Greece


Description of the project :

Under the Landscape is a threefold project taking place in the archipelago of Santorini (Santorini and Therasia), in Greece. A gathering of joint work, a participatory restoration project and an international symposium are the three parts of the program, which starts in spring 2021 and concludes in summer 2022. Main focus of this project is the sustainable management of water resources, directly related to the local traditional architecture and building techniques. The local settlement of Agrilia in Therasia, the biggest cave/underground settlement in Greece was positioned around a stream, which served as the main road for the inhabitants. Along the pathway-stream, the inhabitants created cisterns to collect rainwater, which was their main resource for living in the small island. The cisterns were excavated and the volcanic ground itself -the famous “Theran Earth”- was used for plastering the inner surfaces, making them impermeable. During the project, we rediscovered the traditional knowledge of using theran earth and restored two of the cisterns with local masons, apprentices and local community. At the last stage of the project, we aim to showcase the process and the outcomes to the wide public of Santorini and the international audience, through an exhibition (June 26-July 24) and a symposium (June 26-29) happening in both the islands, in order to raise awareness within the community and the visitors and discuss among various stakeholders on the sustainable practices and alternative development perspectives.