YAF KERU – Raja Ampat

Organisation : The SEA People

Name of the project : YAF KERU – Raja Ampat

Country : Mansuar Island & Arborek Island – Indonésie


Project description

This specific prize will contribute to the human resources budget enabling to increase field team team size and associated livelihoods.

Overall, through our Yaf Keru program, we aim to:

– To rehabilitate 1 hectare of degraded reef slope in 2022. 5-10 hectares within 3-5 years
– Directly improve the livelihoods of local community members by creating employment in skilled positions that enhance reef health.

– To raise awareness and educate both the local and international communities about coral reef ecology; and the functions and services they provide.

– To develop a research platform and learn more about the resistance, resilience and regeneration potential of corals in the near ideal environmental conditions of Raja Ampat

– To re-establish the traditional marine management practice of “sasi” within a 500Ha reef complex in the heart of the Dampier Strait, Raja Ampat.

– To develop a sustainable and replicable model of conservation tourism, in direct collaboration with local stakeholders.

– Contribute to the establishment of a mooring network in the Raja Ampat MPAs