Official partners



The Conservatoire du littoral (French Coastal Conservation Agency)  is a public institution under supervision of the Ministry of the Environment, pursuing a land policy for the preservation of coastal areas in metropolitan France and overseas.
The PIM Initiative is an NGO committed to the conservation of small islands through the implementation of concrete actions (ecological restoration, facilities, signage …) and knowledge sharing in the Mediterranean, relying on a pool of international experts. 
SMILO is an NGO that accompanies the sustainable development of islands of less than 150km2 on an international scale. SMILO offers its expertise and support on biodiversity, water, energy, waste, and heritage challenges. It has created a “Sustainable Island” label to promote sustainable co-management of island territories.

Financials supports

The French Facility for Global Environment (FFEM) funds sustainable development projects that integrate the preservation of global public goods, international solidarity, and innovation in developing and emerging countries. FFEM promotes innovative solutions in the fields of biodiversity, climate, international waters, land degradation, including deforestation, chemical pollutants, and the stratospheric ozone layer.
The Rhone-Mediterranean-Corsica Water Agency is a French public institution dedicated to water conservation. It collects the water tax paid by all users and reinvests it with local authorities, economic and agricultural actors to reduce pollution and promote a better use of available water. The agency also organizes consultations with local stakeholders and the production and dissemination of knowledge on water resources.
For more than 10 years, the City of Marseille has supported the Conservatoire du littoral and its actions in favour of the conservation, management and development of the small islands of the Mediterranean, in particular through the support given to CELEBRATE ISLANDS.
The Zenon Foundation is a non-profit organisation combining: a think tank that works on identifying and analysing the scientific, technological, and economic solutions for the emergence of a future compatible with the planetary boundaries, and a non-profit fund which provides grants and investments for impactful projects in resilient marine ecosystems and carbon sequestration-related subjects.
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