Celebrate Islands 2023

Restoring Sazan Island

The project focuses on implementing activities that aim to restore the green surface on Sazan island and preserve the islands landscape. In 2022, several fires emerged in the territory of the island and more that 3 ha of the forest were damaged and burned. The importance of forests and the green surfaces is wide know in terms of reducing the imacts of climate change, fighiting erosion, protecting biodiversity etc. In Sazan island other than the above the restoration and preservation of the green surface protects the identity, history and landscape of the island Itself.

Sazan Island – Albania

Organisation – Flag Pine Environmental Organization

Missions et objectifs de l’association

The main mission of Flag Pine is to promote the protection of terrestrial and marine ecosystems and provide solutions to mitigate environmental problems by creating bridges of collaboration with local community and local government. Main objectives of Flag Pine are:

    1. Strengthening protection and sustainable development of Protected Areas in Vlora Bay.
    2. Increasing the collaboration between local community and local government regarding the involvement of locals in decision making about environment and protected areas.
    3. Raising awareness about the values of natural and cultural treasures of protected areas.
    4. Educating youths and communities about the importance of environment and sustainable development through environmental education.