Celebrate Islands 2023

A sustainable blue aquaculture to halt blue forest deforestation in Tanakeke Islands

This project primarily sets a goal to provide farmers selective and high-quality seeds as well as cheap and accessible to support sustainable mass production which can eventually gain decent profit for a good blue economy practice.

Tanakeke Islands – INDONIESIA Organisation – Blue Forests Missions et objectifs de l’association lue Forests (Yayasan Hutan Biru) is a non-governmental and non-profit organization, founded in Yogyakarta, Indonesia in 2011. Our vision is creating a linkage of healthy environment and resilient communities, flowing from upper to lower watershed like a river. With mission to increase the social-economic and ecological resilience of critical watershed systems from mountains to sea, Blue Forests uses an action-research and problem-solving process, following a “local-to-global-to-local” paradigm. The approach being used to achieve three interrelated goals :
  • Acquainting communities with the environmental problems and characteristics of their local environment, giving them hands-on experience in social, economic and ecological research related to watersheds
  • Promoting intercultural communication and understanding, thereby fostering awareness of the global context of local environmental issues, and of the significance of cultural perspective in choosing effective problem-solving strategies.
  • Taking local action, to improve social, economic and ecological conditions of the watershed and its communities. This often takes the form of community organizing with an emphasis on gender issues (social enhancement), development of small and medium enterprise based on sustainable use of coastal and watershed resources (economic enhancement), ecological habitat rehabilitation and development of adaptive and collaborative coastal and watershed management (environmental enhancement).