Celebrate Islands 2023

Capraia Smart Island

Capraia Smart Island is a circular economy project, based on the participation of the local population, that is transforming
the island of Capraia into a permanent laboratory of good practices aimed at strengthening the sustainability of the
production chains, protecting the island’s biodiversity, preventing and eliminating pollution from the sea, making the blue economy sustainable and protecting the island’s natural resources.

Capraia – Italy

Organisation – Sauvegarde Des Forêts Varoises

Missions et objectifs de l’association

Capraia Smart Island is promoted by Chimica Verde Bionet, a
non-profit association with the aim of promoting and developing
research and the industrial application of raw materials of
vegetable origin. By statute, all raw materials and processing
chains promoted by the association must comply with criteria of
environmental sustainability and protection of biodiversity and the landscape.

We are dedicated to the following sectors:
Energy from plant biomass;
Dyes, solvents, natural thickeners;
Fiber crops;
Advanced biofuels;
Biolubricants, technical oils, surfactants;
Bioplastics and biopolymers;
Renewable raw materials for fine chemicals;
Technical means for agriculture;

The main skills and activities of the association are dedicated to the phase of agricultural production, the related environmental balances and the analysis of the life cycle of products and co-products of vegetable origin. In this direction it has developed particular skills in the assessment of the carbon footprint and the potential for carbon sequestration in the soil. Since 2016 CVB started working on smart islands, creating the Capraia Smart Island project.