Celebrate Islands 2023

Solutions for plastic waste management on Ibo Island (Cabo Delgado, Mozambique) providing income opportunities to IDPs and hosting community

The project comprise Rewarding (waste to wealth) system, to ensure collection of uncontrolled plastic and create in comes opportunities to vulnerable and marginalized people, installation of shredder system to process the plastic collected into small size; Establishment and training local communities in segregated waste collection points (eco points) in order to minimize the waste disposal in the beach and recycling; establishment of community composting system include training in their management for the recycling organic waste into fertilizers to be used in the production of seed using plastic bottles collected form plastic rewards and training in art of plastic recycling techniques through the production of ecobricks, construction of murals and arts using plastic recycled.

Ibo Island – Mozambique

Organisation – Associação do Sistema de Monitoria Orientada para a Gestão (ASMOG)

Missions et objectifs de l’association

The main objective of the association is to promote and strengthen the sustainable co-existence among the communities and nature, through the promotion of the best practices in the communities for the sustainable use of natural resource, protection of biodiversity, critical habitats and species, including raising awareness and environment education targeting youth and communities